hi there!

I am Nicole, fashion stylist and creative director at House of looks. Since an early age on I have a great passion for fashion and especcially for fashion styling.

Where I used to dress my family and friends when I was younger I later on started working in the fashion industry. There my passion only grew more so I decided to take a fashion styling course at Akademie Artemis.

Later on I studied fashion styling at Akademie Vogue for three years and have since then graduated.

Now I work as a freelance fashion stylist & creative director. As a stylist I am the creative mind behind the styling and in the┬árole of creative director I not only take care of the styling but I also plan and organize the videoclip or photo shoot, I put together a great team for you and ensure the perfect location so that you don’t have to think about this.

I have worked for clients such as Styleboxes, Fijn Textiel en Vdoublegdrones and my work has been published in several magazines.

In my spear time I love to go to fashion shows and exhibitions with family or friends. My personallity is upbeat and modest at the same time. On set I work with a smile and stay in the background to make sure the styling is perfect and the team will not be destracted while working.

The unique service that house of looks offers is that I work with 2 styling labels so you exactly know what to expect.

Are you interested in what I can do for you or your company? visit the labels page or feel free to contact me.

Fashion stylist